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My children are growing up and everybody seems to need their own space. The girls don’t want to share their room anymore and well boys will be boys. I wanted to add more space to my existing semi-detached house as I like the area we are in presently and I contacted Loft Extension and they made the most beautiful addition to my house.

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Brad BukovskyManager @Albonis

I was starting a new business and desperately need some cheap office space. I decided on a loft extension. I wouldn’t be getting customers at home, I just needed the space for some peace and while I work. I contacted the team at Loft Extensions and now the conversion is beautiful. The loft looks lovely and like a real office. Thank you Loft Extension.

loft extensions
Adam BrandonManager

I always wanted to have a library or reading room in my house. However, with kids and working from home there never really was any space. I decided it was time for a loft conversion. A friend recommended Loft extensions as she had recently converted her loft into a study for her kids. I contacted them and they gave me a peaceful reading room.

loft extensions
John HollandManager

Loft Extension Services North West London

Are You Looking Loft extensions services North West London:

With a growing family, it is completely natural to find space limited in contrast to the requirements of every member. What you can do to combat this situation is creating more space without having to spend thousands and thousands of pounds. The best approach and solution for this is opting for loft extension work. ACB Loft Extensions are your partners in getting this down. They offer the best and top quality Loft extensions services North West London, promising and minting very high standards while doing so. We, ACB Loft Extensions, are unparalleled in the industry and have set the mark for many others to follow. We get quality work done for you without consuming too much of your time because we understand and relate to your need for getting and creating space in your home at the latest. Here is everything you need to know to convince yourself of our credentials;

 Our Services:

Over the years, we have been proudly rendering many services for our customers. We carry out extension projects of all sorts; house and loft extensions, office and warehouse extensions as well as kitchen extensions. In addition to this we install roofs and steam showers as well as providing full refurbishment and conversion services.

Our Team:

At ACB Loft Extensions, we have the best designers, architects, project managers and workers to see you through. Our team of professionals deeply values your requirements and is wholly committed to fulfilling them for you.

Our Standard of Work:

We believe in delivering top quality services to our clients and customers. We pay attention to every single detail and aspect of the project, using only the best materials and equipment during the course of the project. You will find no compromise made on the standards of our work, which conform to council rules and regulations.

Our Unique Features:

ACB Loft Extensions are different from other contractors, we are more than that. We are a complete company that oversees and carries out every task involved to get the job done. We not only promise quality and excellent finish but also deliver and see the job to its completion within the provisioned time. Apart from this, we keep our client informed every step of the way, communicating every detail to them.

The Technicalities:

At ACB Loft Extensions, we make sure that nothing is ignored. We have zero room and tolerance for negligence and failure to complete the task within time. Our customers approach and trust us to provide the reliable loft extension services North West London has to offer. Your job is to only let us know what you want in your house and leave the rest to us.

Quality loft extension services in North West London are available with the presence of ACB Loft Extensions. We take immense pride in our services.  our Services that satisfy our customers beyond doubt. If you want to get loft extension work done, then we assure you that we are the most suitable and capable of all candidates.