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My children are growing up and everybody seems to need their own space. The girls don’t want to share their room anymore and well boys will be boys. I wanted to add more space to my existing semi-detached house as I like the area we are in presently and I contacted Loft Extension and they made the most beautiful addition to my house.

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Brad BukovskyManager @Albonis

I was starting a new business and desperately need some cheap office space. I decided on a loft extension. I wouldn’t be getting customers at home, I just needed the space for some peace and while I work. I contacted the team at Loft Extensions and now the conversion is beautiful. The loft looks lovely and like a real office. Thank you Loft Extension.

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Adam BrandonManager

I always wanted to have a library or reading room in my house. However, with kids and working from home there never really was any space. I decided it was time for a loft conversion. A friend recommended Loft extensions as she had recently converted her loft into a study for her kids. I contacted them and they gave me a peaceful reading room.

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John HollandManager

Beautify your walls and give them a silky touch with our ipek siva silk plasters

Whether you have built a new home or renovated your old home, our ipek siva silk plasters are the best way to give your house a sense of style. We, at ACB loft extensions, offer high-quality and affordable silk plaster coatings in amazing colours and textures.


We constantly design and develop various textures of our silk plasters to broaden our collection. We have designed unusual textures which are unique and appealing. Our unique plasters make your living rooms look spacey and airy.

We know that people are tired from usual boring wallpapers and paints and therefore we aim to give your wall décor a different direction with our silk plasters. We want to substitute boring and non-ecological materials with silk plaster wallpapers.

Choosing Your Own Design:

Although our catalogue has a large variety of ipek siva to suit everybody’s taste but if you want something different for your home, we can design a silk plaster just for you. This way no one else can have the same wallpaper as you.

Our ecological silk plasters look luxurious on the walls and gives off an expensive air


We assure you that all the components used in our plasters are environment-friendly and is safe for residential and commercial structures. Moreover, the silk we use is of highest quality and approved by the authorities.

We design light colours for small apartments to make them look big and airy. On the other hand, our bright colours help to make big halls look grand and ceremonial. Additionally, our white silk plasters perfectly suit your office atmosphere.

Other various benefits of choosing ipek siva include that these wallpapers don’t absorb dust and hence they are easy to clean and maintain. These plasters are flexible and can be applied on pillars and columns etc.

If you want to give your house a unique and chic look, waste no time in calling us.