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At Loft Extensions, We Provide advisory clients with a quality of Service when it comes to loft or rear Conversion, New Roofing or building construction in all over East, West, South and North London.


Loft Conversion

At ACB loft extensions, we provide easy solution to your problems in the form of loft

Rear Extension

Extending your home could be one of the best investments, you will ever make.

New Building

Whether you are looking to build a home or an investment property, our service for

Roof Installation

At ACB loft extension, we believe that roof is one of the most important

Steam Shower (spa)

Whether you have built a new home or renovated your old home, our ipek

Ipek Sıva

Create a heaven at your home where all of your worries and cares wash away.

Why Choose Us

We strive to deliver the best results in minimum time and guarantee satisfaction and perfection in every project, we undertake.

Loft Extention

Best Builders

At ACB loft extensions, the builders we hire exhibit highest level of professionalism. Due to their experience and knowledge, they are absolutely the best in the industry.

First Class Support

We keep our clients updated at every step of the construction. We sit with them, listen to their ideas and discuss our construction plans with them.

Loft Extention

World Class Specialists

Our specialists give the best consultation and guidance to our valued clients. If you have an idea in mind, our specialists devise their plans to bring it to life.

Why working with us

For loft conversions, extensions and new builds,
we are one of the leading companies in London that
transform dreams into reality.

Our Clients Say

My children are growing up and everybody seems to need their own space. The girls don’t want to share their room anymore and well boys will be boys. I wanted to add more space to my existing semi-detached house as I like the area we are in presently and I contacted Loft Extension and they made the most beautiful addition to my house.
loft extensions
Brad BukovskyManager @Albonis
I was starting a new business and desperately need some cheap office space. I decided on a loft extension. I wouldn’t be getting customers at home, I just needed the space for some peace and while I work. I contacted the team at Loft Extensions and now the conversion is beautiful. The loft looks lovely and like a real office. Thank you Loft Extension.
loft extensions
Adam BrandonManager
I always wanted to have a library or reading room in my house. However, with kids and working from home there never really was any space. I decided it was time for a loft conversion. A friend recommended Loft extensions as she had recently converted her loft into a study for her kids. I contacted them and they gave me a peaceful reading room.
loft extensions
John HollandManager
My husband and I have been providing lodgings for boarders for quite some time now. We were thinking about expanding and decided on a loft extension. We decided to give as much privacy as possible to the tenant as we would like for ourselves. We wanted a bathroom, a small kitchen area and of course a bedroom. I admire the team at Loft Extensions as they are exceptionally talented and they managed to nail the brief to the ‘T’.
loft extensions
Jasmine RonaldinManager